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Privacy Statement (personal information protection)
The Northern Road Navi states the following privacy policy for personal information.

On this web site, we may conduct questionnare surveys or may collect your opinions and comments, in which we ask to transmit your personal information such as residing region, age and e-mail address as long as you agree to do so. Personal information collected upon your agreement will be used ONLY for statistical purpose of our surveys which aim to improve governmental services.

The secretariat of the Nothern Road Navi recognizes the individual information as important and is committed to protect it, observing laws and regulations including The Law for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data Held by Administrative Organs.

(1) About handling your opinions and comments
We would like to ask your advance acceptance for that your opinions and comments sent to us on this web site may be included in brochures or reports which the secretariat of the Northern Road Navi publishes. Even in this case, information which could indicate yourself will NOT be included.

(2) About access logs
The information of visitors to this web site is recorded in the form of access logs. Access logs include information of visitor's domain name, kind of blowser used and time of access, but does NOT include information which indicates any individual. We use access logs ONLY for statistical analysis concerning access conditions and maintenance of the site.

(3) About cookies
Cookie is a function for web site prividers to temporary write and save data on visitors' computers through web blowsers. Reference to cookies identifies the computer in use. Data which can be saved are number of visits and preference of blowser mode of display ( frame mode or normal mode) of visitors.
Server programs may use cookies. Even in this case, your personal information will NOT be sent to server.
Also, you can cancell cookie function by setting your blowser to do so.

We will take NO responsibility for standard or content of privacy policy of other web sites linked with the Northern Road Navi.
The privacy policy of the Nothern Road Navi is subject to change in order to better protect your personal information or due to enaction or change of laws.
The information collected through this web site might be handed by us to a subcontractor who processes it statistically. Even in such a case, we are committed to duly control the information by having the contractor sign not to leak or recommit it.


Please read here for our Privacy Policy (personal information protection)

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